PAL – A Simple and Robust Document Management tool from one of the world’s leading provider of Best in Class & State of Art Training, Assessments / Appraisal in Quality Models and Standards of ISO, CMM, CMMI, PCMM and Six Sigma areas.

As today’s IT organizations try to cope with everyday changes, growth and challenges, they need a strong foundation of well defined and institutionalized processes for support. CQAL’s PAL (Process Assets Library) can be your organization’s differentiator that provides support for addressing these challenges.

Document and content management are powerful tools that can offer significant benefits. Properly designed they will deliver service improvement and productivity gains to both public and private sector organizations.

PAL is a structured process framework that can help enterprises to deploy an IT governance model. The advantage of PAL is the speed with which it can be installed and the ease with which it can be customized for individual enterprise needs. PAL is the result of CQAL’s experience in the processes improvement journey. The distilled knowledge of implementing various models like CMM/CMMI/Six Sigma is encapsulated in this product.

PAL library include policy statements, process and procedure descriptions, document templates, guidelines, quality standards/ models, forms, checklists and knowledge Repository under which it has repository of best practices, lessons learnt, risks and process improvement logs. It is not enough to develop good process assets, but the deployment and communication matters much if one wishes to institutionalize processes with speed and requisite benefits. PAL assists organizations to deploy process assets meticulously.

PAL contains a structure for deploying processes required to manage the IT organization. The architecture of PAL has been designed in a modular way to help organizations absorb their existing best practices. These features make it easier to use PAL across various kinds of IT organizations, be it large, medium or small.

The Tool being Web-based, each user only needs a web browser to access the database from anywhere on the network. To prevent any abusive use, the user needs to give a password before he can access the documents.

PAL Administrator/ Process Coordinator has the right to upload the files into the repository in various file formats.

PAL is commercially available at a competitive price.

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