CMMI® model integrates Software, Systems, Integrated Process and Product development, Supplier Sources into a coherence model. The model’s version 1.1 is released in early 2001 by SEI and is being currently adopted by industry globally. The advantage of CMMI® over SW CMMI® for software industry is the present CMMI® model is also having improvements made over existing SW CMMI® version 1.1 (includes SW CMMI® draft 2.0).

Six Sigma is a methodology, philosophy, model, approach and a tool for improvement the bottom-line in organizations using innovative breakthrough methodologies to solve problems, achieve goals, meet business objectives and to exceed customer satisfactions.

There is no certification associated with CMMI® models. Certification word does not exists with respect to CMMI® models. CMMI® models are used by organizations to develop and improve processes and CMMI assessments / appraisals are performed to find the process improvement opportunities. Through formal assessments and appraisals, the appraisal teams can also rate an organization’s maturity, capability or capability maturity levels. The rating is a state of art reflection of processes but no way rating shall be treated as a certificate / certification.

Implementing a disciplined process in a organization improves the organization’s control over execution of projects, meet the stiff project deadlines and quality levels. CMMI® models assists organizations to develop and institutionalized efficient and effectives processes in organizations. A well interpreted, developed and properly followed process shall increase the ability to meet project goals and improve profitability.The benefits associated with CMMI® models are: Improvement in productivity, quality and increase in cycle time thus improving the customer satisfaction, meeting business objectives, improvement in business and growth. A well established CMMI®program acts as a catalytic business model for an organization.

The approach is:
» Get CMMI models.
» Study the models & perform a mini assessment / appraisal to find the gaps in existing processes with respect to CMMI® model.
» Improve/develop processes to address the gaps.
» Provide necessary trainings on processes and related software / system engineering areas Institutionalize the process.
» After some time of implementation of processes, perform a appraisal to benchmark and to find continuous process improvements.

CMMI® models can be freely downloaded from Software Engineering Institute’s website: www.sei.cmu.edu

Rich and experienced lead appraisers& consultants can assist your organizations to interpret CMMI® models, help you to develop processes, assist to institutionalize and suggest improvements by performing assessments / appraisals.Concept QA labs are having enormous experience to assist for CMMI® model implementation.

Processes which are commercially bought from outside do not work well as the process frameworks shall suit to the internal architecture of organization, the type of projects, domains, technologies and different roles in the organization. To speed up development of processes external consultants assistance can be taken, but the processes shall be internally developed, reviewed and improved.

Tools like ProVision are exclusively designed and develop to integrate best practices and comply with CMMI®, CMMI® and Six Sigma.

Our studies indicate atleast 2% of total population is a good strength needed for process development and process audits (SQA & PPQA). The cost could be easily recovered within 1 year of institutionalization through direct benefits like improvement in productivity and cycle times.

It is myth that CMM®, CMMI® or ISO add documentation. Documentation is anyhow needed in any project, but these models implementation deals with systematic work products, so that changes can be controlled, technical consistency can be maintained and traceability could be established. Documents like Project plans are essential as per these models and plans assist in significant way to meet project goals and help to established synergetic teams.

A well defined and better institutionalized process shall assist projects to meet stiff deadlines, face challenges like scope creep, team turnover, change of technology etc. It is essential to establish good processes for organizations to meet challenges and business goals. CMMI model assist greatly to set up or improve processes.

In a low mature organization, the visibility of process followed by projects is less to the Senior management. Senior management could able to visualize inputs and outputs from projects.With CMMI® model implementation, the process framework, create to good metrics based review mechanism system. With this Senior management could able to get minute details at regular intervals using good derived metrics. Management could spend less time, get better picture and could take right decisions at right time so that projects could be successful.

CMMI® models are not substitute for Software / Systems engineering. Through extensive research, SEI had developed wonderful guidelines associated with software / system engineering and integrated them with CMMI® models.Knowledge of Software + Systems engineering along with good knowledge of CMMI® models is essential for developing good processes for an organization.

SCAMPI A (Standard CMMI Appraisal method for process improvements) is CMMI appraisal method. SCAMPI is developed by SEI and there are three variants of method (SCAMPI A, SCAMPI B and SCAMPI C). Through SCAMPI A the organization’s maturity or capability levels could be determined (along with process improvement opportunities) and SCAMPI B and SCAMPI C are less rigorous and primarily focus on finding out process improvement opportunities or to find gaps in the present processes.SCAMPI methods are presently being used globally for performing internal appraisals for process improvements. SEI also maintains an appraiser program, and through extensive training authorizes individuals to perform SCAMPI across through SEI Transition partners. SEI also maintains a list of active lead appraisers and the list is accessible to all from SEI website.