“ProVision – Providing Project & Process Management Excellence” is designed and developed to assist project managers for managing projects in an efficient and integrated way with the help of Metrics.

ProVision integrates all the requirements to implement quality standard ISO and quality models like CMM®and CMMI®.

Provision Uniqueness

Compared to other tools, ProVision is designed with unique features which make the tool extremely practical, easy to deploy and simple to interpret and implement. The tool is developed with practical appraisal experience from over 125 worldwide organizations.

More over the tool is priced such that it is within the reach of medium or a small sized organization and the cost can be recovered within 2-3 months of usage.

The results from ProVision customers indicate the following benefits:

    • 20-30% savings on project managers time in 2-3 months.

    • 35-55% savings on Senior management time for review of projects.

    • 60-85% savings on Quality and Process group members time for performing audits, internal assessments, metrics collection, metrics analysis.

    • Overall savings of 20-30% of Cost of quality.

*Note: market research indicate the Cost of Quality of low mature organizations is about 60-70% of total cost and Cost of Quality of high mature organizations is about 20-30 % of total cost.


Salient Features

      • Customized dashboards for different roles.Integrates 30 modules of metrics and project management as a coherent approach.

      • Facilitates management and control of development, maintenance and enhancement projects.

      • Role oriented data and metrics access from top to bottom levels with a button click.

      • Built in usability and performance parameters.

      • Fully compliant with implementation of ISO,CMMI®, CMMI® and Six Sigma

      • Web based and simplified access.

      • Best practices of the world’s leading organizations are integrated with concepts of Simple, Robust and Practical metrics to manage.

      • Designed and tested by experienced consultants and lead appraisers.

      • Dedicated team for customization, maintenance and continuous support.

      • Deployed on AWS Cloud(SaaS model).

      • Pay by the number of users with monthly and yearly subscription plans.


Provision Modules

          • Project management - including Estimation and Monitoring of Size, Effort & Schedule using industry benchmarked models, Interface with Microsoft project and Excel, Risk, Issue, Change & Milestone Management, Quantitative Project Management & Statistical Process Control (powerful feature for CMMI L4 & L5)

          • Quality management – including Peer review and test process automation, Defects estimation and management , Requirements change management, Bidirectional traceability matrix automation, Peer review and test , Defects management , Automation of Fagan’s inspections process , Defect leakage and Pareto analysis.

          • Process management – including SQA audits & ISO audits management, Automatic measurements repository, Process performance / capability baselines management, Cost of Quality (COQ) and Cost of poor quality (COPQ) management, Causal analysis and defect prevention process automation.

          • Dashboards – Customizable dashboards for different levels (CEO/MD, Divisional manager, Project managers etc) for development, maintenance and enhancement projects with over 50 types of graphical and about 150 types of online, up-to date and live project reports and Built in process control charts.

          • Time Sheet Management along with Customized billing reports from time sheets.

          • Maintenance projects – include Assignment of maintenance tickets / bugs, Complete ticket / bug handling life cycle, Tracking of tickets / bugs, Automatic metrics generation and computation (SLA adherence, Turnaround time, First time right, Maintenance capability), Customized status reports of maintenance projects and Customer / field interface for bug / ticket reporting

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