Time Track

Time Track

Tracking of effort is one activity which is considered to be the best way to start the Metrics Program. It helps organizations to track the progress of the projects, for Benchmarking and to establish Process Performance Baselines. Our tool “TimeTrack” offers a perfect start for the project monitoring as well as for organization’s metrics programs. “TimeTrack” assists Development, Maintenance & Support as well as Enhancement or Reengineering projects. This tool will support the needs for organizations implementing ISO, CMMI, and Six Sigma.

Main Features offered by the tool include:

  • Estimating, Planning and Scheduling phases, tasks and activities

  • Assigning tasks to resources

  • For Maintenance Projects, assigning tickets to resources

  • Planned and Unplanned Data Entry

  • Monitoring the status of tasks

  • Monitoring of tickets

  • Automated Status Reporting

  • Customized billing reports from time sheets

  • Automated Dashboards

  • Customizable Project, Module, Phases, Task or Resource level Reports

TimeTrack is commercially available at a very competitive price.

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