Concept QA Labs has unique features of its own and provides lots of value additions to its clients. We are listing some of them here for quick reference:
World Wide Operation 
Concept QA Labs is one of the very few SEI partner organizations which have offices in India with WORLDWIDE License Territory. This provides us the unique license to deal with organizations with offices in US and Non-US countries. Organizations operating with onsite-offshore models are getting huge value addition from us because of our worldwide operation.
World Class Lead Appraisers
Our Lead Appraisers are rated among the best in the world. Known for their high commitment, and professional approach, they leave their mark on the organizations they work with.
Knowledge Base
Our package includes a Knowledge Base which will enable the organization to accelerate the ground work required to initiate the process framework in a quick manner.

Our Vision

“To become World’s Most Comprehensive Quality Assurance Services Provider”

Our Mission

“Assist organizations for scaling towards highest quality and productivity levels through process excellence”

Concept Quality Assurance Labs (CQAL) is established in year 2004 with an objective of assisting worldwide industry towards scaling to process excellence by professionals having worked in significant roles in Quality with some of the biggest Fortune500 companies.

CQAL is engaged by global industries for state of art services in the areas of CMMI®, Six Sigma and Software Engineering domains.

CQAL is also assisting companies by providing in house Training in the areas of Project Management, Metrics Management, Peer Reviews & Inspections, Testing Techniques, Configuration Management, Quality Management, Defect Prevention and High Maturity Concepts.

CQAL is a Partner with the Software Engineering Institute (SEI®),USA for performing CMMI® appraisals and for Introduction to CMMI ® training programs.

CQAL operates in China, Europe, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, UK and USA with offices in India, Singapore and USA. In the last seven years of operation, CQAL has been associated with more than 150 organizations and completed about 100 SCAMPI appraisals successfully.

Our Services & Products

Experienced Lead appraisers of CQAL are engaged in providing assistance through training, audits and appraisals. Through our services, organizations have proven that they not only meet their business and engineering goals, but also demonstrate significant improvements in Productivity, Quality, Cycle time and Customer Satisfaction. We have the expertise to provide state of art, extremely practical and highly valuable services in the areas of:

Software and Systems Engineering: CMMI – DEV®, PCMM®, Six Sigma

IT Service Management (ITSM) Services:

CMMI – SVC,ITIL®, Six Sigma and ISO 20000

IT Security Management (ITSM): ISO 27001, Cobit

Manufacturing: ISO 9001, Six Sigma

Engineering Expertise: Project Management, IT Service Management, Metrics Management, Change Management, Test Process Management, Quality Assurance.

CQAL is committed to partner with organizations for process development, process facilitation and process improvements by bringing special and unique services.